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Image for Invisible Life (N/C 15+)
27-29 February

Invisible Life (N/C 15+)

​Invisible Life is the kind of sumptuous, heartrending melodrama that Douglas Sirk or Fassbinder might have proudly claimed as their own.

Image for Isaac (N/C 15+)
28-29 February

Isaac (N/C 15+)

The personal and the political are dangerously combined in a tense, dazzling, noir-like reckoning with the past told with the flair of a natural born filmmaker.

Image for James Vs His Future Self (N/C 15+)
4-5 March

James Vs His Future Self (N/C 15+)

The battle for control of James’s life is the basis of a sweet, quirky, science-fiction rom-com from Jeremy Lalonde, director of How To Plan An Orgy In a Small Town

Image for Jazz on a Summer's Day (U)
1 March

Jazz on a Summer's Day (U)

​Considered the greatest jazz concert film ever made, Jazz On A Summer’s Day celebrates one joyous Saturday during the Newport Jazz Festival of 1958

Image for Jesus Shows You the Way to the Highway (N/C 18+)
27-28 February

Jesus Shows You the Way to the Highway (N/C 18+)

A truly original vision from the mind of director Miguel Llansó which is absurd, intricate and unlike anything you have seen before.

Image for Kontora (N/C 15+)
1-2 March

Kontora (N/C 15+)

Anshul Chauhan’s award-winning epic unfolds in lustrous black and white and is as mysterious and intriguing as a Murakami novel

Image for Krabi, 2562 (N/C 15+)
5 March

Krabi, 2562 (N/C 15+)

Documentary and fiction mix in this beautiful ode to art and history

Image for Les Miserables (N/C 15+)
3-4 March

Les Miserables (N/C 15+)

Racial and ethnic tensions reach boiling point in this searing drama

  • Part of a Festival Strand Pioneer
Image for Lhamo and Skalbe (N/C 12+)
6-7 March

Lhamo and Skalbe (N/C 12+)

A couple must confront the secrets and lies of the past if they are ever to share a future.

Image for Lillian (N/C 15+)
5-6 March

Lillian (N/C 15+)

An impressively photographed road movie marked by awe-inspiring images

Image for Little Joe (12A)
21-25 February

Little Joe (12A)

Alice has engineered a very special crimson flower, but is it as harmless as it seems?

Image for Logan's Run (12)
2 March

Logan's Run (12)

An idyllic science fiction future has one major drawback: life must end at the age of thirty.

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