Glasgow Film Sustainable Travel

Customer, staff and volunteer commuting are significant components of Glasgow Film’s carbon footprint.  We are committed to reducing this and other environmental impacts associated within our operation. 

The objectives of the travel plan are to:

  • Encourage the use and promote the health and wellbeing benefits of more sustainable means of transport;
  • Reduce the local, national and global environmental impact of the Glasgow Film Theatre and Glasgow Film Festivals travel;
  • Encourage more sustainable ways of working;
  • Reduce the impacts of travel associated with Glasgow Film Theatre on the local community.

This will be achieved by:

  • Ensuring Glasgow Film staff and building users are aware of travel options;
  • Making sure up to date travel information is available to staff and building users in a range of places;
  • Monitoring and reporting on CO2 as a result of business travel

Here are some tips which depending on how you travel, may help you choose cheaper, more environmentally friendlier ways of travelling to Glasgow Film.

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Why walk?

There are some great benefits to walking.  Once you’ve worked out how long your route takes, you can pretty much rely on the journey taking the same time each time. It is also free!

There are health benefits of walking:

Burning 500-1000 calories per week (that’s about 6-12 miles walking for an average weight person) reduces the risk of premature death by 20-35% Walking will also help protect you against cardiovascular disease (coronary heart disease and stroke), as well as ‘risk factors’ such as high blood pressure and cholesterol, Cancer (particularly bowel cancer, and breast cancer in post-menopausal women), Type 2 diabetes and Obesity.  It has also been shown to improve musculoskeletal health (for example osteoarthritis and lower back pain) mental health, happiness and well-being.

Click here to find us on or check out this urban route planner.

Walking is a very low risk activity, however please do plan ahead for weather. Wear appropriate clothing, use sunscreen, and keep yourself hydrated. Consider whether it may be too hot or cold for walking and consider the route you are taking – please stay safe.

By Bicycle

With travel often cited as a major source of frustration, commuting by bicycle is becoming more and more popular. Not only is it a less stressful mode of transport, you have no fuel costs and you build exercise into your routine without the ongoing costs of unused gym membership. Your pollution free commute contributes to the overall reduction in petrol or diesel use helping the environment by reducing your personal carbon footprint.

Cycling Scotland has a free app (iPhone & Android) based on its Essential Cycling Skills training that will help new and returning cyclists to develop the necessary skills to cycle safely on busy city roads. The tool is a great reminder for everyone of some good habits to follow. Download the Essential Riding Skills app and ride better!

Belles on Bikes is a group of women-only cyclists with regular ride-outs.

Dales and Gear Bikes are two of the closest cycle repair and sales shops to the Glasgow Film

Here are some tips that will help keep your bicycle secure:

  1. If possible, invest in two, different good quality locks. A common rule of thumb is to spend at least 10% of the value of your bicycle on a lock and preferably one rated Sold Secure Gold. Here is a useful bicycle lock buyer's guide. 
  2. High footfall, visible areas are generally seen to deter bicycle thieves more than quiet, secluded locations.
  3. Lock your bicycle properly to something secure.
  4. Have your bicycle security marked: whilst this will not prevent your bicycle from being stolen, it may act as a deterrent.

The video below provides a good overview of how to lock your bicycle securely.

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Play video

There are two bicycle areas adjacent to Glasgow Film Theatre’s main entrance.  Please note these are not Glasgow Film Theatre areas and owners leave their bicycles here at their own risk. 

Alternatively, Cadogan Square Car Park (approx.5 min. walk) offer a free, secure storage area for your bicycle!

For route information and personal route planning, Glasgow City Council recommends the use of the Cyclestreets journey planner.

Visit Go Bike for more on what’s happening in and around Glasgow, or Glasgow Council’s cycling pages for ideas and a city map.

For bicycle rental in Glasgow City Centre you can contact Nextbike: Register at

By Subway

The Nearest subway for Glasgow Film Theatre is Cowcaddens. 

See more at

By Train

Glasgow city centre is served by both Central and Queen Street Stations.  Scotrail offer a handy guide to visiting Glasgow by train, or visit National Rail.

By Bus

By Bus Glasgow Film is on one of many bus routes into Glasgow city centre. You can plan your route using the Transport for Glasgow bus route planner - See more at First bus Glasgow

Buchanan Bus Station is 0.4 miles from Glasgow Film Theatre.  Other Bus stops near Glasgow Film can be found here

Car Parking

There is a small amount of metered parking near and adjacent to Glasgow Film.  The closest public supervised 24 hour multi-storey car park is in Cambridge Street.

Efficient Driving

If none of the above are an option, the Energy Saving Trust has some useful tips to help reduce the environmental impact from driving.  You may also consider Car Share: Share your journey with others driving the same journey. SPT JourneyShare has a database of people interested in sharing their drives into Glasgow city centre. Visit SPT JourneyShare for more information.

Useful Apps

For more transport information you can download the Traveline Scotland app for iPhoneScotRail App or Glasgow Bus Finder for Android.

For visitor information, you can download the Glasgow city guide app for your iPhone.

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