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Short Matters! 2 (N/C 12+)

16 March

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  • A Autism friendly
  • C Captioned
  • D Dementia friendly
  • Venue CCA Cinema
Location of CCA Cinema


SHORT MATTERS! is the European Film Academy’s short film tour, bringing together fifteen award winners at top European festivals in 2018. This second programme showcases work from Belgium, Bulgaria, France, Italy, Georgia and the UK, and includes a documentary portrait of a young transgender woman, trapped by the expectations of family and society. Cut to the chase and see the most critically acclaimed and vital contemporary European shorts right here!

Image for Release the Dogs (Lâchez les Chiens)

Release the Dogs (Lâchez les Chiens)

Anouck is resigned to being caught between two difficult relationships: her man and her little brother. On the night of the boy’s 18th birthday, this delicate triangle explodes. Anouck's revolt is coming...

Show details

  • Director Manue Fleytoux
  • Duration 22m
  • Country Belgium/France
  • Year 2017
Image for The Years (Gli anni)

The Years (Gli anni)

A woman gives voice to Annie Ernaux's “The Years”, a few collected fragments on the shores of a timeless Sardinia. Neither the words nor images are expected to complete the narration of her story: places from her past.

Show details

  • Director Sara Fgaier
  • Duration 20m
  • Country Italy/France
  • Year 2018
Image for Shame (Срам)

Shame (Срам)

Macho skips school to work. The only ray of light for him is his girlfriend, Donna. Yet she is ashamed of his mother, a school janitor. Macho has to choose.

Show details

  • Director Petar Krumov
  • Duration 24m
  • Country Bulgaria
  • Year 2017
Image for What's the Damage

What's the Damage

A proposition and provocation, answering back to ongoing crises under white patriarchy, relaying and augmenting feelings and gestures of chronic unease, protest and dissent.

Show details

  • Director Heather Phillipson
  • Duration 7m
  • Country United Kingdom
  • Year 2017
Image for Prisoner of Society (სოციუმის პატიმარი)

Prisoner of Society (სოციუმის პატიმარი)

What does it mean to be a stranger in your own home and country? An intimate journey into the world and mind of a young transgender woman, locked away for the past decade.

Show details

  • Director Rati Tsiteladze
  • Duration 15m
  • Country Georgia
  • Year 2018
  • Duration 1h40m
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