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Bill Douglas Award 5: Possible Worlds (N/C 15+)

17 March

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  • A Autism friendly
  • C Captioned
  • D Dementia friendly
  • Venue GFT 3
Location of GFT 3


We avoid the word ‘best’ in describing our competition films. Rather, the six programmes of the Bill Douglas Award showcase new cinema from around the world that reflects the qualities found in the work of Scotland’s greatest filmmaker: honesty, formal innovation and the supremacy of image and sound in cinematic storytelling. Several of the filmmakers will be in attendance to take part in short Q&As after each screening.

Ghosts of past traumas live amongst us in the fifth competition programme. Some learn to accept their presence. Others attempt to suppress them by reshaping the landscape and rewriting history. But we forget our past at the peril of seeing it replayed under the guise of progress. This programme takes us from the site of a Colombian massacre to the grandiose civic project of Skopje 2014 and to an African-American farming community in North Carolina, before launching us into a Hieronymus Bosch-influenced vision of heaven and hell.

Image for Our Song to War (Nuestro Canto A La Guerra)

Our Song to War (Nuestro Canto A La Guerra)

This might be the beginning of a very long story, where spirits and humans meet each other to learn what is there to life after the end of war.

Show details

  • Director Juanita Onzaga
  • Duration 14m
  • Country Belgium
  • Year 2018
Image for Bigger Than Life

Bigger Than Life

"Skopje 2014" is the name of the monumental construction plan of the Macedonian government, which wants to position its capital as the cradle of civilisation. Will we buy that (hi)story?

Show details

  • Director Adnan Softić
  • Duration 30m
  • Country Germany
  • Year 2018
Image for Jour de Fête

Jour de Fête

If anyone slaps you on the right cheek, turn to them the other cheek also. (Matthew 5:38-40)

Show details

  • Director John Smith
  • Duration 1m
  • Country United Kingdom
  • Year 2017
Image for Edgecombe


An examination of the ways trauma repeats and reinvents itself in rural Black communities, told through the deeply personal truths of three local residents.

Show details

  • Director Crystal Kayiza
  • Duration 15m
  • Country United States
  • Year 2018
Image for The Fall (La Chute)

The Fall (La Chute)

As celestial beings descend to Earth to corrupt and pervert its population, the world’s order unbalances. This tragic fall leads to the birth of crucial opposites: the circle of Hell and Heaven.

Show details

  • Director Boris Labbé
  • Duration 15m
  • Country France
  • Year 2018
  • Duration 1h45m
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