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Bill Douglas Award 1: Four Walls (N/C 15+)

16 March

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  • A Autism friendly
  • C Captioned
  • D Dementia friendly
  • Venue GFT 3
Location of GFT 3


We avoid the word ‘best’ in describing our competition films. Rather, the six programmes of the Bill Douglas Award showcase new cinema from around the world that reflects the qualities found in the work of Scotland’s greatest filmmaker: honesty, formal innovation and the supremacy of image and sound in cinematic storytelling. Several of the filmmakers will be in attendance to take part in short Q&As after each screening.

Housing is a fundamental human right. In this programme that right is variously denied, challenged or undermined. A woman on parole finds herself barred from her highrise home, earmarked for demolition. A trawl of Italian archives reveals the troubled story of housing in Rome. A Palestinian exile, nominally safe in his Berlin home, worries about the implications of a mild act of protest. A drab suburb becomes a place of threat when a girl goes missing. And a Mumbai family is terrorised by an ill-advised pet rooster.

Image for Russa


Russa returns to Bairro do Aleixo in Porto to visit her sister and her friends, with whom she will celebrate her son’s birthday and will revisit her memories of the declining neighbourhood.

Show details

  • Director João Salaviza & Ricardo Alves Jr.
  • Duration 20m
  • Country Portugal/Brazil
  • Year 2018
Image for The Houses We Were (Le case che eravamo)

The Houses We Were (Le case che eravamo)

The Low-Income Housing Institute created a city within a city to deal with the main and persistent problem of Rome: housing. But what is this city made of? Who gets left out? The archives respond.

Show details

  • Director Arianna Lodeserto
  • Duration 18m
  • Country Italy
  • Year 2018
Image for I Signed the Petition

I Signed the Petition

Immediately after a Palestinian man signs an online petition, he is thrown into a panic-inducing spiral of self-doubt.

Show details

  • Director Mahdi Fleifel
  • Duration 11m
  • Country United Kingdom/Germany/Switzerland
  • Year 2018
Image for Caucasus (Kaukazas)

Caucasus (Kaukazas)

Tekle and her daughter Ema return from abroad to visit Dalia, Tekle’s mother. When Ema goes out to walk her dog, Dalia fears something terrible might happen to her granddaughter and starts looking for her.

Show details

  • Director Laurynas Bareisa
  • Duration 14m
  • Country Lithuania
  • Year 2018
Image for Tungrus


In a cramped Mumbai apartment, a family considers eating their hell-raising pet rooster, in order to reclaim their lives.

Show details

  • Director Rishi Chandna
  • Duration 13m
  • Country India
  • Year 2018
  • Duration 1h45m
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