Film Survival Kit

As lock-down progresses further into Spring, our Youth Board presents their Film Survival Kit: a breakdown of the podcasts and YouTube Channels that are keeping us entertained during social distancing.

Glasgow Film Youth Board are a team of young people aged 15-25 who get involved in GFT activities, planning their own monthly youth screenings and events. Keep up-to-date with their plans by following @glasgowyouthfilmfest on Instagram.

Please note that all of our recommendations below are for ages 15+.



Image: Ingrid Mur

* All podcasts below are available for free on Spotify (non-premium package)

1. Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo’s Film ReviewsBy listening, you are joining a passionate community of listeners known as ‘The Church’. Each episode follows a similar format, starting with the week’s top ten films, correspondence from listeners, guest interviews, followed by reviews of recently released films and finally Kermode’s ‘Film of the Week’. Jam-packed episodes dating back as far as 2001 are available, so there's loads to catch up on.

2. Soundtracking with Edith Bowman - Join Edith Bowman for weekly in-depth conversations with some of the most renowned film composers, directors and actors discussing music in movies. Edith recently hosted a live episode at Glasgow Film Festival with Simon Bird and Belle and Sebastian frontman Stuart Murdoch about their collaboration on the film Days of the Bagnold Summer.

Previous guests have included Tim Burton (Edward Scissorhands) and the Russo Brothers (Avengers Infinity War and Endgame).

3. Happy Sad Confused – If you enjoy funny anecdotes, nerdy chats and hearing stories from film industry A-listers, this is the podcast for you! Happy Sad Confused is super enjoyable and features some great interviews.

4. The Bechdel Cast - Using the Bechdel Test as its framework, this podcast explores how well women are represented in the world of cinema. You’ll be surprised to hear how few films pass the test! Bonus points for the super catchy intro song.

5. Beyond the Screenplay – A deep dive into how to write a screenplay and what lessons you should take from some of your favourite movies.



1. Be Kind Rewind

Be Kind Rewind is a channel that explores the social and cultural context of the Oscars, focusing upon women in film. Each video takes a detailed look into how each woman won their Oscar, who the other nominees were and what was being said about them at the time. More recently the channel has created videos comparing each version of Little Women and the representation of Asian actresses within Hollywood. We’d describe Be Kind Rewind as a collection of informal video essays, with each video giving a good insight into its topic without becoming a long droning monologue. Even if you have little interest in the Oscars, I promise you it’s worth a watch.

2. Entertain the Elk

Entertain the Elk provides fun, short film dissections. Episodes are short and eclectic, so be warned you might end up falling down a rabbit hole! We're especially fond of the ‘5 Second Soundtrack’: a great one is the breakdown of the use of music in Edgar Wright’s Cornetto Trilogy.

3. hbomberguy Scanline series

Harris Brewer is a video essayist and political activist with a brilliant voice and infectious passion for film. Check out the 'Scanline' series on his YouTube channel where he explores the magic of the VHS format and how it shaped films, along with his biting critique of directors' cuts.

4. Vanity Fair

The Vanity Fair Youtube channel is a great resource for film fans with a number of series looking at films from all different angles, including their now viral ‘Notes on a Scene’ series where directors break down specific scenes from their film.

To get started watch 'Jordan Peele Reads Get Out Fan Theories From Reddit.' Jordan Peele breaks down fan theories concerning his movie Get Out, which he both wrote and directed. In the short Youtube video, Peele gives us more insight into his creative process and motives behind certain cinematic choices in the film. He is also able to debunk certain ‘myths’ that people have come to believe about the film.

As per Scottish Government restrictions, seats available for all shows from 27 December to 23 January will be capped to meet the 1m social distancing requirement.

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