BA Performance Students talks Visible Cinema: RCS Curates

Thoughts on The End: by Bea Webster (RCS BA Performance in BSL and English Student)

Imagine a world where a "cure" for all type of deafness was created, and was available to those who wanted it? This is what happened in The End. Who would take it? What would happen to the Deaf community? What would happen to the usage of sign language? How would this reflect in the change to how science and technology evolves? This film raises the issue of the viewpoint some people have on people who are Deaf who see it as something to be "cured of", the barriers that Deaf and disabled people face occur because society has not sufficiently met their needs - not because being Deaf or having a disability is disabling - because society is. So until we get over these hurdles is 'a cure' the 'easiest' way to remove these barriers?

Thoughts on Strangers by Dannielle Wright (RCS BA Performance in BSL and English Student)

Strangers highlights a common real life situation - when Deaf children and young people are literally strangers in their own families. This is a common event particularly with Deaf children who go to boarding schools.

This reflects a very frequent isolating experience for many Deaf people, more so when a high number are born to hearing parents and not into the Deaf Community so they often learn sign language later in life as a second option (after “failed speech”). Misunderstandings and unknown information within families should not be commonplace but are, due to lack of communication and/or common languag. 

About the Visible Cinema Screening on Monday 23 January:

Strangers and The End will explore and focus on the common isolation experienced by Deaf people, reflecting on real life situations and an imaginary “what if” world. We hope these two films will encourage inclusion and reflection on what true societal inclusion could look like, drawing on examples comparing “equality vs equity” and integration vs inclusion.

All Monday to Friday shows before 5pm have capacity capped at 50% (unless otherwise stated). All other screenings have full unlimited seating capacity (unless otherwise stated).

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