Programme Notes

Image for Programme Notes: Memoria
Programme Notes

Programme Notes: Memoria

Delve deeper into Memoria with these programme notes from journalist Katie Goh.

Image for CineMasters: François Truffaut Programme Notes
Programme Notes

CineMasters: François Truffaut Programme Notes

CineMasters: François Truffaut programme notes

Image for C'mon C'mon Programme Notes
Programme Notes

C'mon C'mon Programme Notes

GFT Programme Manager Paul Gallagher delves into the filmmaking of C'mon C'mon director Mike Mills.

Image for Programme Notes: Make Up
Programme Notes

Programme Notes: Make Up

In Make Up, Claire Oakley’s directorial debut, a caravan park makes for the perfect setting for an atmospheric, queer coming-of-age ghost story.

Image for Programme Notes: Portrait of a Lady on Fire
Programme Notes

Programme Notes: Portrait of a Lady on Fire

Desire becomes a small flame that slowly burns, until it transforms into a ferocious blaze that can’t be contained.

Image for Programme Notes: Mr Jones
Programme Notes

Programme Notes: Mr Jones

The prolific Polish-born director Agnieszka Holland has created a striking film set in early 1933, when Stalin’s experiment in social engineering came off the rails and resulted in a terrible famine.

Image for Programme Notes: Parasite
Programme Notes

Programme Notes: Parasite

"I’m not making a documentary or propaganda here."

Image for Programme Notes: Queen & Slim
Programme Notes

Programme Notes: Queen & Slim

Sanne Jehoul takes a look at Queen and Slim and the questions it raises

Image for Programme Notes: Waves
Programme Notes

Programme Notes: Waves

​​​​Layla-Roxanne Hill looks at Waves in the context of Black cinematic stories and the people telling them.

Image for Programme Notes: Jojo Rabbit
Programme Notes

Programme Notes: Jojo Rabbit

Waititi's use of innocents allows him to explore his interest in characters who not only wish to believe, but wish to convince others to believe them.

Image for Programme Notes: La Dolce Vita
Programme Notes

Programme Notes: La Dolce Vita

With the film arriving in cinemas to celebrate the filmmaker’s 100th birthday, La Dolce Vita’s lasting presence in cinema is a testament to the immortal Fellini.

Image for Programme Notes: So Long, My Son
Programme Notes

Programme Notes: So Long, My Son

One of the main themes of the film is the one-child policy adopted by the Chinese government in 1970s to limit China’s population growth.

As per Scottish Government restrictions, seats available for all shows from 27 December to 23 January will be capped to meet the 1m social distancing requirement.

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