Top 10 films to watch on National Pets Day

It’s National Pets Day and we're celebrating our top 10 favourite pets from family films. Do you agree with our list?

Try making your own, it’s harder than you might think with all the options out there!


Figaro from Pinocchio (U)

Starring in Pinocchio, way back in 1940, Figaro was one of the first Disney pet sidekicks! He was a little black and white cat belonging to Geppetto and even though he didn't speak, he stole scenes as he got to know the famous toy that comes to life. 


Beethoven from … Beethoven (U)

We could write a whole Top 20 list on man’s best friend in film, but our first dog on the list is the lovable, huggable, big bag of trouble Beethoven! Most time we choose our pets, but once in a while they will choose us, as George Newton learns when his family welcomes in a stray St Bernard puppy.


Black Beauty (U)

Based on the best-selling novel of the same name, Black Beauty is a story told straight from the horse's mouth (please pardon the pun!) As the stallion recalls his adventures from green pastures to the streets of London, he remains a loyal and true friend to the horses and humans in his life.


Archimedes from The Sword in the Stone (U)

Before there was Hedwig, there was another owl about town and that was Archimedes! A wise-cracking, feather-ruffling owl who along with Merlin trained a young boy to become King Arthur, the legendary King of England!  


Zero from The Nightmare Before Christmas (PG)

He has a red nose, and he pulls a sleigh - but he’s no reindeer! He’s Jack’s loyal ghost dog Zero, who helps him hatch his plan to steal Christmas. We would all love a dog as loyal as Zero to help us with our masterplans!


Binx from Hocus Pocus (PG)

Another Halloween-inspired pet on our list. Originally a young boy called Thackery, he is transformed by three witches into an immortal black cat called Binx. For the next 300 years, he stands guard over the witches' house, until he makes friends with Max and his sister Dani and they plan to get rid of the witches forever in this comedy classic!


Elliott from Pete’s Dragon (U)

Pete and his dragon Elliott form the ultimate duo as they escape from the evil Gogans in this live-action, animated fantasy film. Filled with slapstick comedy and some great tunes, it’s a brilliant tale of friendship and family.


Belle from Belle and Sebastian (PG)

For our last dog on this list, we were spoiled for choice! We decided to go for the sheepdog Belle from the French children’s film Belle and Sebastian. Set during World War Two our heroic duo take on the dangerous task of helping Jewish families escape the Nazis, out-running and outwitting them at every turn!


Snowball from Secret Life of Pets (U)

Snowball is fluffy bunny who uses his adorable good looks to get away with his 'ground-breaking evil behaviour!' As the leader of 'The Flushed Pets' he plans the total annihilation of humans, but will he still feel the same when a young girl adopts him? One of our favourite furry character arcs!


Babe (U)

Were you worried we’d finish our list without mentioning the most beloved pig of all? (Sorry Wilbur!) Babe is the pig who won our hearts, as he joins a family farm and finds his own destiny as a sheep-pig. With nerves of steel and a heart of gold, Babe is determined to do things his own way! That’ll do pig, that’ll do.

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