Top 10 Film Food Scenes

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Rebecca McSheaffrey, Glasgow Film's Children and Young People Co-ordinator, has selected some tasty film treats for your enjoyment.

If you’re anything like me during lockdown, your life now revolves around food and the constant musing of 'What will I have a bit of next?' So get ready to take a culinary tour with me around the top 10 (according to this gospel) food scenes in movies.

The criteria I’ve judged this list on is the scale of craving of 'I wish I could have that!', so it eliminates a number of iconic dinner and food scenes that are based on grossing out or just didn’t tickle the taste buds.


Moonstruck (PG)
(1987) ‘So will you live here?’  

Watching Rose Castorini quietly making ‘eggs in a basket’ as her household wakes up around her is such a beautiful scene of normal life and how food forms such an important part of our day. As Rose and her daughter Cher - sorry, Loretta - begin to discuss their goings on I was already earmarking this recipe to try later. (I did and I fully recommend!)


Chef (PG)
(2017) ‘Mum cuts off the crusts.’

What a glorious love letter to food director and lead actor Jon Favereau cooked up in his movie Chef. There are so many scenes, from the Spagehtti Aglio e Olio, to the food truck Cuban sandwiches, that make this film a rich feast for foodies. But the winner has to go to the amazing grilled cheese (or cheese toastie, if you’re in the UK) - proof that you can be an award-winning chef, but your kids will still want the crusts cut off.


Home Alone (PG)
(1990) ‘A lovely cheese pizza just for me.’ 

Didn’t we all wish we were Kevin McAllister at one point in our lives? Being a carefree (until the robbers show up!) kid left on his own, Kevin is delighted when he orders the cheese pizza that he’s been wanting since the start of the film, and the best part is it’s just for him! Get me the number for Pizza Hut! 


Jiro Dreams of Sushi (U)
(2011) 'Juri's sushi course is like a concerto.' 

Tucked away in a Tokyo subway station is the world’s most renowned sushi chef: 85-year-old Jiro Ono. Jiro’s meticulous approach to his food is almost like watching a dance. A visual feast, but also a reflection of how our food is prepared, where it comes from, and the overfishing and climate change affecting this culinary artform.


Julie/Julia (12A)
(2009) ‘Julia Child wasn’t always Julia Child.’

In a movie about a woman cooking through her way through the 524 recipes in Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking, there was always going to be plenty of amazing food shots. Perhaps controversially though, the most satisfying food is the one that Julie makes herself at the beginning of the film and inspires the journey. A crunchy, fresh bruschetta that had me reaching for the olive oil and tomatoes.


Hook (U)
(1992) ‘Use your imagination.’

The dinner scene in Hook is, in equal parts, funny, glorious and the turning point for our lead character, Peter Banning played beautifully by Robin Williams. Starving after his rigorous training, Peter is outraged when he is served empty bowls of nothing and confused when he sees the Lost Boys tucking in around him. But as he realises the power of his imagination, the table turns into a colourful feast that left us 1990s kids drooling.

Parasite (15)
(2019) ‘You know how to make ram don, right?

Parasite is nothing less than a cinematic masterpiece with each scene, prop and piece of dialogue forming layer upon layer like a perfect piece of puff pastry. So when Mrs Park calls to request a dish of ‘ram-don’ be prepared, it is no simple request. The dish was invented for the film and consists of two types of cheap, readily available ramen brands, complemented by an expensive cut of beef from the Park’s fridge. There is a clash of social class both in the making and presentation of the dish. The film will leave you reeling, but also Googling how to make ram-don.


Howl's Moving Castle (U)
(2004) ‘May all your bacon burn!’

The food in Studio Ghibli films, whether it’s the magical feast from Spirited Away or the Bento Boxes in My Neighbour Totoro, never fails to inspire a pang of cravings. For this list however, I’ve settled on the eggs and bacon cooked in Howl’s Moving Castle. Yes the dish looks delicious, but it also comes with a side of witty banter between Sophie and sentient fire demon Calcifer which makes the scene a standout.


Mary Antoinette (12A)
(2006) ‘Let them eat cake.’

Set against the soundtrack of ‘I Want Candy’ Sofia Coppola provides a two-minute visual feast in the middle of her 2006 film, Marie Antoinette. It perfectly captures the careless excesses of life at Versailles and will have you running to the bakery as soon as it’s done. Whether she really said it or not, can we blame Marie for advocating the eating of such beautiful cakes?


Lady and the Tramp (U)
(1955) ‘It’s a beautiful night and we call it bella notte.’

You could write an entire list about the food in Disney and Pixar movies, but to my mind Lady and the Tramp walked so Ratatouille could run. In one of the most iconic scenes from the Disney vaults, Tramp wins over Lady’s heart as he nudges over the last meatball. Which is very gallant of him, I’d never share my last!

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