Our most anticipated new releases of 2021

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The French Dispatch - dir. Wes Anderson

After a year in which the pandemic has kept us out of the cinema and held back film release dates, 2021 looks set to be packed with highly anticipated titles coming to the big screen. While we attempt to contain our excitement, we spoke to those in the know - our Programme team - to find out which film releases they are most looking forward to. 

Allison Gardner, Glasgow Film CEO

Another Round is Thomas Vinterberg’s new film starring Mads Mikkelsen. Winner of four European Film awards, including Best Film, this comedic drama is about four friends who want to test the theory that their lives will improve by maintaining a constant level of alcohol in their blood… what could possibly go wrong? With brilliant casting and great performances from Mikkelsen, Lars Ranthe, Magnus Millang (who many Glasgow Film Festival audience members might remember from GFF20’s Heavy Load) and Thomas Bo Larsen, it also features one of the best dance routines in a film EVER!

Lawrence Michael Levine’s Black Bear is a witty and sharp deconstruction of the indie filmmaking process starring Aubrey Plaza, Christopher Abbott and Sarah Gadon as a trio making a film. To talk too much about the plot would spoil it, but safe to say it kept me guessing and the three leads are perfectly cast in this film that is so much more than the psychosexual drama it is described as.

Allan Hunter, Glasgow Film Festival Co-Director

Ben Sharrock’s Limbo is one of my favourite films of the past year. British audiences will finally get a chance to see it when MUBI release it in 2021. It is a Scottish film that has won hearts all over the world, most recently winning Best Film at the Macao Film Festival. It tells the story of a Syrian asylum seeker, stuck in limbo at a detention centre on a remote Scottish island. He is endlessly waiting for his application to be processed. It looks stunning, is warm, witty and full of compassion. There are lots of influences here but it feels like the ghosts of Powell and Pressburger are watching over this heartbreaker from the edge of the world.

The first time I saw the trailer for No Time To Die I thought: here we go — fast cars, femme fatales, daredevil chases, swaggering machismo — this feels like every other James Bond spectacular from the past 60 years. I also thought: I really, really want to see this. It may be another year down the line but absence has only intensified the anticipation and I will be standing in line for Daniel Craig’s last hurrah as OO7.

Paul Gallagher, GFT Programme Manager

Next year is shaping up to be one in which we’ll be constantly asking the question ‘what is cinema?’ As news continues to come out about the latest mega-budget blockbuster to head to small screen platforms first, we’ll have many opportunities to figure out just what we want to see on the biggest screens – those films that demand the undivided attention only found in a gathered audience. For me, there is one 2021 release that leaps out in that category – The French Dispatch, Wes Anderson’s latest ensemble comedy. We were teased with a mouth-watering trailer back in early 2020, suggesting a film as immaculately-designed, precisely-cast and uniquely-told as anything Anderson has made previously. For me, a new Anderson film is an opportunity to delight in a kind of magic only cinema can conjure, and this multi-stranded story of the golden age of journalism promises to be all kinds of fun.

Additionally, I’ve already seen quite a few forthcoming 2021 films, and the one I would urge everyone to put on their radar is Sound of MetalScheduled for release at the end of January, this intense drama stars a career-best Riz Ahmed as a drummer whose life turns upside down when he begins to lose his hearing. It’s a genuinely unique film that uses sound design to put us right in the middle of his situation. It’s an amazing, unforgettable cinema experience.

Chris Kumar, Glasgow Film Festival Programme Co-ordinator

As the son of an Asian immigrant, I had a feeling that this film would infiltrate my heart and it is safe to say that it is now living there rent free. Minari is a film that puts Asian faces in the spotlight but also focuses on people just trying to do their best for the ones they love and fighting to find somewhere they can call home. This film is beautiful, melancholic but ultimately heart-warming, and is sure to reverberate with anyone who has ever yearned for a sense of belonging.

Good news already for those excited to see Minari - it's just been announced as the Opening Film for Glasgow Film Festival 2021. Click here to find out more.


I always get a bit giddy at the prospect of a new Edgar Wright film and from the sounds of it, Last Night in Soho is going to scratch that itch just nicely. With a stellar cast on board, and citing influences such as Repulsion and Don’t Look Now, this slow burn, psychological horror is definitely one of my most anticipated films of 2021 and I am really looking forward to seeing what Wright has in store for us all.

What are you most looking forward to seeing in 2021? Tell us your top picks in the comments below, or get in touch with us on Twitter @glasgowfilm.

All Monday to Friday shows before 5pm have capacity capped at 50% (unless otherwise stated). All other screenings have full unlimited seating capacity (unless otherwise stated).

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