Love Child (12A) - Watch Online

They have escaped death, but where do they have a future?

On a cold winter’s day, a plane arrives in Istanbul. Four-year-old Iranian boy Mani and his parents, Leila and Sahand, are on board. At first glance, everything seems normal, but the little boy doesn’t know that the journey is an escape, that the three of them can never return to Iran and that the ‘uncle’ he is travelling with is really his biological father. 

Mani is the offspring of a secret love affair between a married woman and a married man. They could never live together in Iran, so they fled their country. Now they seek asylum for themselves and for their love – at first in a UN office in Turkey, and then hopefully in a safe place in the West, somewhere they can build a life together.

When the little family makes it to Turkey, they arrive amidst a wave of refugees from the wars and crises of our time. At first, Leila and Sahand are optimistic, but the wait stretches on, and the bureaucratic system of the UN poses many unexpected challenges. A constant threat hangs over their heads: if the asylum application is rejected, they could be forced to go back to Iran, where they would be cast out – or worse, sentenced to death. This intimate documentary follows the family’s protracted struggle to stay together, to escape from the ghosts of the past and to secure a stable future for their child.

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