Director's Note: Real

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Real is an authentic British love story showing at GFT from Monday 14 - Thursday 17 September. Enjoy this Director's Note from actor turned writer-director Aki Omoshaybi about the making of his debut feature, kindly supplied by Verve Pictures.

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I wanted to try and make an authentic film about how people navigate through the world of dating when they’re struggling to make ends meet. We mostly see romantic stories from an upper class/middle class perspective: big town houses in London, posh accents, floppy hair. So I thought ‘let’s tip that on its head’ and write something as authentic as possible, something that I’ve seen or could relate to. So I started writing Real.

I wanted it to be an honest portrayal of a start of a relationship, when we only show what we want the person we’re dating to see. But as we progress the inevitable happens. We fall deeper. We open up more. And the closer we get, a different side emerges - especially when vulnerability is in the mix.

I wanted to shoot REAL in a different landscape to London to show that quite a lot of the country are living in different circumstances to what we see on screen. Life still goes on in places where there’s not been investment in the area for so long, where there’s not a fancy bar or restaurant on every corner, and even if there was, no local would ever have enough the money to go.

I also wanted to make a film with two Black protagonists where race and violence weren’t the main calling cards. I wanted to show them not just as humans living everyday life, but the struggles that come with that -  something which happens very rarely for Black people in British Cinema.

A simple story with complicated layers, when it came to the shoot I wanted the actors to lift the text off the page and bring this story to life with authenticity. Whatever ever the words meant to them, I told them to bring their truth but just don’t miss the beat/objective of the scene. I also wanted the camera to be a character of its own, with its own personality, so we did the whole shoot handheld, letting the audience watch the story unfold like a fly on the wall.

is an honest look at Kyle and Jamie’s lives and I hope the audience feel a part of that journey.

Aki Omoshaybi

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As per Scottish Government restrictions, seats available for all shows from 27 December to 23 January will be capped to meet the 1m social distancing requirement.

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