A Movie Playlist for International Friendship Day

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To mark International Friendship Day, Glasgow Film Festival Manager Debbie Aitken has created a Spotify playlist celebrating some of the most iconic friendships ever portrayed on screen. Read on to find out which films made the cut, and why.

There seems to be a celebration day for just about everything now (sadly, we missed National Awkward Moments Day on 18 March this year). But, this is one I am happy to get on board with; a day that celebrates friendship between people, cultures and communities ought to be marked.

One of the lovely things about film is that for a short time you can walk in someone else’s shoes. Equally wonderful, you can watch a film and think “that’s my life!” or in this case “that’s my friends!”

However, not all friendships are created equal. Apparently there are four types of friendships: acquaintance, friend, close friend, and best friend. Whilst not every friendship reaches the Holy Grail status of BFF, each type adds value and fulfilment in some way.

Here are the types of friends I’ve had the pleasure to encounter in my life and films that remind me of them – although I should point out many of these film are extreme examples, I have yet to dispose of a body in a shallow grave…

Starting at the very beginning, ask yourself did you ever have friends later on like the ones you had when you were 12? Me neither! Stand By Me, Now and Then, My Girl, The Sandlot – just some of the films I think of when I think of my own childhood friends.

Childhood friendships don’t often remain which brings me to another category. Friends that you maybe only see once a year, or perhaps they were just passing through your life and you don’t know when you might see them again but that doesn’t make them any less important. Lost in Translation, The Jungle Book and Good Will Hunting are just some of the films that come to mind.

The frenemy is the friend that only wants bad things for you. Or, less drastic are the ones who aren’t always the best influence but perhaps it was fun at the time. It’s ok, you’ll grow out of it – The Craft, Shallow Grave, Trainspotting and Jojo Rabbit are a few of my picks.

Finally, the ultimate friendship goal: the Best Friend Forever (BFF). These are the friends that would do anything for you, the ones you call first when something happens, the ones who make speeches at your wedding. They know you’re worth your weight in gold but equally understand all of your flaws too. Amy and Molly (Booksmart), Romy and Michele (Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion), Jenko and Schmidt (21 Jump Street), Cher and Dionne (Clueless) – don’t tell me they aren’t still BFFs because I won’t believe you.

All Monday to Friday shows before 5pm have capacity capped at 50% (unless otherwise stated). All other screenings have full unlimited seating capacity (unless otherwise stated).

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