The Blair Witch Project: 20 Years of Terror at GFF19

The final, frightening special event at Glasgow Film Festival 2019 was our chilling tribute to one of the scariest horror flicks of the 1990s: The Blair Witch Project. How else to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the monumental mock-documentary but with a spooky screening at a secret location? Attendees purchasing tickets had no idea where it would take place; only whether their bus would depart from Glasgow's George Square at 4pm (for scaredy cats) or 7pm (for those feeling a little braver!).

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The mystery continued as the buses travelled through Glasgow and to the north-west of the city, before arriving on the outskirts of Milngavie. At this point, savvy audience members may have guessed that the castle ruins at Mugdock Country Park would host the Blair Witch screening, but it would soon become clear that they'd have to trek through the woods before reaching this final destination...

With the sun beginning to set, shadows loomed, casting an eerie frame around the lake en route to the castle. It was at this point the group encountered a worried hiker from Scare Scotland, who was out searching for a missing person. The mysterious stranger warned them of the legend of the witch that lurks in the woods, sharing word that bodies had recently been found in the stream, after three young boys had come to their untimely demise. 

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Undeterred, the group continued towards the castle, but things quickly took a turn for the strange. Blair Witch's iconic ‘stick men’ could be seen dangling from tree branches along this trail of terror. Was that someone crying? A figure could be seen curled up on the ground, before a woman turned towards the group, bloody-faced and shell-shocked. Encouraging the group to turn back and warning of dangers ahead, there was no doubt left: something sinister had happened here.

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GFF attendees are a hardy bunch though; and with the castle now clearly in sight there was no stopping them! There was one last obstacle left: a campsite where someone was desperately trying to help a companion who appeared to have seen something supernatural. Were they hexed? Our group wasn't going to hang around long enough to find out...

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Upon arriving the castle, attendees were finally able to let their guard down, get some food and a drink, sit down, and relax. But not for too long, of course – the film was about to begin:

“On October of 1994, three student filmmakers disappeared in the woods near Burkittsville, Maryland while shooting a documentary. A year later their footage was found.”

Photography by Ingrid Mur. Thanks to Scare Scotland, Cameron Presentations and Total Film's Jamie Graham, who introduced the screening.

At Glasgow Film Festival, we pride ourselves on being a festival that loves the movies and loves our audience. GFF19 is your festival - so talk to us and let us know what you're up to! Did you survive the The Blair Witch Project unscathed? Were you at any of the other special events at GFF19? Tag us in your photos, posts and tweets - we want to hear from you! #GFF19

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