The Best Cats on Film

Glasgow Film Festival Industry Coordinator, Emma Van Der Putten, has ranked the top five cats ever to appear on film - with a little help from her own feline friend.

In honour of International Cat Day, we decided what better way to celebrate our furry friends than to talk about some of our favourite cats in film! As the GFT’s resident cat obsessive I’ve taken this serious responsibility upon myself to make a list of my top favourite cats in cinema.

Helped by my live-in feline consultant (and unofficial GFT mascot) Delilah, we’ve managed to whittle it down to the final five. 


5 - Pet Semetary (2019, 1989) - Church

First up we have the cat Church from the Stephen King adaptation Pet Semetary. The creepiest kitty on my list, Church starts off as a cuddly member of the family. Things soon turn terrifying though after a brief stay beyond the local ‘pet semetary’, turning him into a murderous, baby scratching zombie cat. In the 2019 film he is played by two cats (Tonic, playing living Church, and Leo playing the undead Church) with impressive cat acting chops to boot! Check out some behind the scenes on Tonic’s Instagram account - church_aka_tonic


4 - Harry Potter  - Mrs Norris

From one majorly scraggly cat to the next, Mrs Norris is probably the most well known cat on my list. Companion to Hogwart’s caretaker Argus Filch, Mrs Norris is the scruffy mouser who helps Filch rat out any misbehaving students around Hogwarts. Mrs Norris has been through some things; petrified by a basilisk, hung up by her tail, despised by all the students. There are also some theories out there that she may actually be a magical creature, though I’m inclined to think that all cats are magical creatures...either way, she’s the perfect kitty villain!


3 - Kedi (2017) 

The only documentary on my list, this Ceyda Torun doc is the perfect film for any cat lover. I’m cheating and counting all of the cats in the film, but it would be impossible to pick only one!

Following just seven of the thousands of cats that roam the streets of Istanbul, it’s amazing to get lost in their little lives, and how they walk between wild and urban worlds. It’s a gorgeous depiction of the ways that the lives of cats and humans intertwine, and a simultaneous love letter to the city of Istanbul and its history.


2 - Keanu (2016) - Keanu

What is ultimately a parody of John Wick (although not initially intended as such), this comedy by Jordan Peele looks at the lengths someone will go to to save their beloved kitty, with shoot-outs and fight sequences abound. Featuring a cameo from Keanu Reeves himself, the kitty Keanu ultimately saves the day, and steals our hearts at the same time.

It also features perhaps the most obscenely cute outfit a cat has ever worn in the history of cinema - I mean, just look at him!


1 - Alien (1979) - Jonesy

Top of my list is my ultimate cat hero - the ginger Jonesy from Ridley Scott’s Alien (1979). Helping catch rodents on the USCSS Nostromo, Ellen Ripley’s pet is the only other survivor of the Xenomorph along with Ripley herself. He even survives hypersleep, making it into the sequel! Since the film’s release, Jonesy has been referenced in many Sci-Fi video games, and he even hasa graphic novel written after him.

He is total proof that every badass woman needs an equally badass cat in her life. 


Have I left out any of your favourites? Let us know what your favourite cats in film are, share with us on our Twitter @glasgowfilm

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