GFT Blog: Your Hitchcock Picks

To celebrate CineMasters: Alfred Hitchcock screening throughout July, August and into September, the Glasgow Film team wrote about their favourites in our latest GFT Blog - then we passed it to you! You wrote to us at, or in the comments, and told us your favourites... 

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So many of his films bear repeated viewing, but for me Vertigo has something that beats the others. Jimmy Stewart manages to convince in pretty much his last romantic lead role, Kim Novak combines looking awesome (that grey suit!) with a brittle exterior that hides real vulnerability, there’s great art direction, and a score that goes from needling and sinister to the best ever musical reflection of doomed love, influenced by Wagner. I absolutely love it. 

Jo Ross

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Vertigo; I remember being shown it in uni as part of our media studies course and thinking beforehand it wouldn’t be that great. However it was the absolute opposite, it was the first film which made me see cinema as an art form and see how it could be used and what it could do. It’s now in my top 5 films of all time, I even read the book after and it only made me appreciate the film more.

Knox Alison

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My favourite Hitchcock film will always be Rope. While Hitchcock himself referred to it as a 'failed experiment', and it isn't considered quite as highly as Vertigo, Psycho, The Birds, etc. it is one that I hold close to my heart. As a teen, I went through a phase of being obsessed with true crime, and my dad (an avid Hitchcock fan himself) recommended it. We watched it together, then I watched it over and over, every day, for a period of about a fortnight. It's long takes and it's limited setting are fascinating to me, and the dialogue is witty, insightful, and depressing, sometimes all at once. It is stylish in an understated, yet wonderful way, and the snobbery of Brandon, and the spineless brutality of Philip, are as relevant now as they were in post-WW2 America.

Vertigo is unmistakably a masterpiece, but for me, Rope will always be number one.

Colvin Stewart

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