GFT Blog: Your Favourite Sequels

Last month, the Glasgow Film team wrote all about Our Favourite Sequels, then we passed it on to you and asked what your favourite follow-up is...

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Two decades on from the counter-cultural phenomenon that was Trainspotting director Danny Boyle - with the assistance of scriptwriter John Hodge - returned to the writing of Irvine Welsh for the follow-up film, T2: Trainspotting. Boyle’s reluctance to return to the iconic characters: “it’d better not be shi**” was shared by audiences concerned the legacy of the first film could be tarnished rather than improved upon.   From the pre-title sequence which wonderfully reintroduces the four central characters Renton, Begbie, Spud and Sick Boy and a fifth - the city - to the present-day all fears were alleviated. Punctuated throughout by intertextual references, or re-references, shared images and a smartly reinvented soundtrack return to the past with fond nostalgia and without saccharine sentimentality. Full of dark humour and pathos T2: Trainspotting reminds us not to rest on our laurels, to take chances and ultimately to “choose life”.

Callum Simpson

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I'd like to put forward my pick for a favourite sequel and I'm going to go with the underrated Predator 2. I know some of you will be aghast at this selection but stick with me.

The question is: How do you replace Arnold Schwarzenegger? The answer: you don't!

You cast against type and opt for Danny Glover, hot off the heels of back to back smash hits with Lethal Weapon 1 and its sequel (a close second when I was coming to a decision). Having deceptively aged himself for the role of family man Roger Murtaugh, here he plays to his age, he's in great shape and shows himself to be a more than capable leading man mixing both grit and confidence with the same likeable charm he displayed in LW.
Predator 2 relocates the action to the then not so distant future of 1997 - downtown LA is in the midst a heatwave that practically drips off of the screen. Everyone is on edge; the city is at boiling point! Glover and his team featuring another great, wise-cracking role from the late Bill Paxton are dealing with a turf war between rival Colombian and Jamaican drug cartels but not only that, our interplanetary hunter, The Predator has shown up for a piece of the action.

Superb set pieces, a fantastic score from Alan Silverstri, a fully realised Los Angeles on the brink of collapse , wild and unpredictable supporting parts from Gary Busey and Maria Conchita Alonso and a dynamite central battle between Glover and The Predator - this film deserves some more love, no one could have replicated the original and credit to the director, Stephen Hopkins for taking it in a different direction.

Oh, and an ending that ingeniously links the movie to the Alien universe (let's pretend the other movies didn't happen) long before having to sit through mind numbingly dull end credit scenes from the likes of Marvel as they try desperately to create their cinematic universes!

I hope this piques your curiosity and some of you go back and watch this excellent sequel.

Kevin Jamieson

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