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For many years I have been excluded from the cinema experience due to my Hyperacusis with dementia. After collaborating with the GFT Movie Memories programme and coming onboard as event coordinator, I have found a way to engage with film again.

The journey so far has been very rewarding. Through a dementia venue audit, GFT projectionists have found the high and low spots of acoustics which has made it enabling for me to enjoy the cinema experience and similarly with the lights been slightly brighter, I have no fear in getting around the cinema. This has been team work from programming, marketing to the frontline staff. This didn't happen overnight. The main point is that together, we found the barriers and then created solutions to make the GFT an enabling environment.

Movie Memories, means that I am included. I can even invite my gym buddies to enjoy Whisky Galore with me, a classic film best seen in a classic venue like GFT and I am so looking forwards to White Christmas.

I am overjoyed to be enabled in my coordinator role and the GFT has given me the opportunity to be an instigator. A new journey focusing on film, community and dementia. How wonderful!

Agnes Houston MBE
GFT Movie Memories Coordinator.

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This work was supported with funding from the Life Changes Trust. The Trust is funded by the Big Lottery

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