​ Glasgow Youth Film Festival Memories

While this year’s Glasgow Youth Film Festival might be a little more compact than usual, we think this would be the perfect time to look back on previous years and remember what makes GYFF special. We spoke to our Youth Board, special guests and audience members to see what made their experiences of GYFF so fantastic.


One of my favourite moments from a past GYFF is when I hosted a Q&A with the director, producer, writer and crew of Anna and the Apocalypse to a sold out cinema of around 300 people. That was crazy and so much fun! It was a scary but fantastic experience and I still can’t believe that I actually did that! Another favourite moment from GYFF is when we showed Moonrise Kingdom in a church and we, the programmers, got to wear outfits resembling the costumes from the movie. So fun and exciting!

Julia Mazur,
GFT Youth Board


GYFF was a great way to meet other people who are equally as obsessed with film, and to see things you definitely wouldn’t ordinarily. Working for the Youth festival was perfect for transitioning into a Young Selector at Glasgow Film Festival 2020.  You gain experience working in larger groups and are given the freedom to learn with your own smaller events. In many ways it primes your anticipation about the possibility of working for the main festival one day.

Fin Bain
GFF Young Selector


I first found out about GYFF at a journalism workshop I took part in at the GFT. I thought it sounded super interesting so I applied and amazingly, I got in. I arrived at the first meeting nervous and very sweaty- I’ve always had this weird fear of being late to things so I pretty much ran through Sauchiehall Street to make it there on time. The meeting itself was very chill and laidback as we ate crisps and got to know each other. Overall, my GYFF experience was super fun, it changed the way I watch and think about films and I’m so happy I was able to participate.

Kayleigh Keany
GFT Youth Board


One of the best memories of GYFF19 that I have is the trip to Edinburgh we went on, it was a really memorable first meeting and it's crazy to think this adventure only started a little over a year ago. My experience on GYFF was informative, enjoyable and above all, fun. It gave me a very real taste of the Film Industry that is hard to come by when you're a young person with little experience. I'm so happy that I had the opportunity to do GYFF and that it has gotten me onto the GFT Youth Board. It's been amazing to meet people with similar interests in film that are able to help you develop and figure out what part to you want to have in the film community. Whether that be on screen, in production or for me, writing (at least for now). The possibilities for a career in film are endless, and I wouldn't know that if it wasn't for the GFT and the GYFF programme.

Isobel Speirs
GFT Youth Board


The GYFF careers day was a massive highlight of 2019 for me. Witnessing the enthusiasm and engagement of the young people who attended confirmed that we have an abundance of young talent in Scotland who can find success in the screen industry worldwide. It's important as we move forward from the events of this year that we keep encouraging and supporting them, and doing everything we can to give them the resources they'll need - because, after all, they are going to tell all of tomorrow's most important and entertaining stories.

Alan McDonald
Writer, Anna and the Apocalypse


This is a hard industry to get into and to understand. It is important to have events such as the Glasgow Youth Film Festival to give young people some guidance and inspire them to pursue a career in the mad world TV and Film.

Marilyn Edmond
Director, Connect

I attended GYFF last year to speak on a panel about my experience working in post-production and to screen my short film Bouba & Kiki. It's so important to get advice that's current and relevant from people who are only a few years ahead of you and it's amazing that GYFF provides young people with these opportunities. It was a great joy to talk to aspiring filmmakers in Scotland and their enthusiasm was really infectious. As a filmmaker myself it's invaluable to see your own work on the big screen and I loved seeing my film in my favourite cinema, the GFT.  

Jack Goessens
Short filmmaker


This fall I had a pleasant trip to Glasgow Youth Film Festival. I was introduced to a wonderful project and hardworking people who were very friendly and welcoming. I am very thankful for getting to be a part of this and representing Phoenix with Camilla Strøm Henriksen.

Ylva Thedin
Actress, Phoenix


Glasgow Youth Film Festival offers a great route for young people to learn more about the film industry in Scotland and successfully champions and promotes their creativity. At BAFTA Scotland, we continue to signpost young people to potential careers in the industry and by working with GYFF we can provide access to talent, which not only raises awareness of industry jobs but can also provide positive and diverse role models.

BAFTA Scotland

The experience of seeing such a unique Scottish film at the GFT, with a sold-out audience to laugh along with, was a great way to spend an evening!

Rachel Erskine
Filmmaker and audience member


Glasgow Youth Film Festival is a fantastic celebration of the movies which helps young people to engage with film in all manner of ways. We aim to introduce young people to industry experts through screenings, workshops, discussion groups, mentoring schemes and programming activities. GYFF is by no means a one off event- participants can be involved for as much or as little a time as it takes to have fun and learn new skills. We pride ourselves in encouraging all young people in Glasgow to become involved in a creative experience centred around film, and to maybe think a bit more deeply about what the movies means to you.

Abigail Kinsella
GFT Board Member

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