My experiences as a climate striker

GFT Youth Board member, Julia Mazur, below, talks us through her experiences of the climate school strikes, inspired by the actions of climate activist, Greta Thunberg.


The first climate school strike that I went to was in February of last year, and from there on I attended several more over the the course of 2019. Big global strikes, or smaller weekly strikes, I was there: chanting, marching, showing off my posters… all to raise awareness of the threat that is climate change. Global warming is likely the biggest issue that we face as humanity, yet most don’t even pay any mind to it — there are even some people that deny the climate emergency!

I have been doing my part in reducing the impact humans have on the earth for a few years now by leading a vegan/plant-based lifestyle and diet, and trying to shop as cruelty-free as possible (I have also tried to reduce my waste and use less plastic, however I do feel that is something that companies and shops should be responsible for, rather than the consumer, but that’s a conversation for another time!) The climate strikes — started and led by wonderful young activist, Greta Thunberg — have made a significant impact over the past few years, and in my opinion, have made many people realise just how serious this is, and that we need to make big changes if we want to preserve humanity and live in a world that isn’t consumed by natural disasters and cruelty.

My experience of the school strikes has been overall really great! The first strike was exciting — it was something new and there was a lot of people that showed up. Just about everyone had made signs and posters to bring with them, and there were lots of photographers and people doing interviews. There was a lot of chanting and singing, people made speeches about why they feel so passionate about climate justice, and we even got to march across George Square to the City Council building and block the street for a while. The energy was amazing! It seemed like simply being around like-minded people, spurred us on to raise more and more awareness on this very important topic. That first strike is still my favourite climate strike I’ve been to and I hold very fond memories of it.

Other strikes that I have attended since then have been up and down with attendance, but I must say that the energy was always fantastic, and it was awesome to see so many people, young and old, coming together to fight for something very meaningful.

Going to these climate strikes, and generally trying to be more conscious of our impact on the world and thinking of what changes we can make as a society to slow down the effects of global warming, really means a lot to me and it’s something that I am very passionate about. It was reassuring and comforting to see so many people also caring about this, and it was really nice encouraging my friends and peers at school to attend the strikes. It was genuinely so much fun having the opportunity to go on strike for something that means so much to me.

Of course, currently we can’t really strike or protest due to the pandemic, as it just wouldn’t be safe or responsible, but I think that shouldn’t stop the movement or stop us from spreading awareness. The strikes had a big impact on people and it had motivated them to make changes, but the fight doesn’t stop there. We need to keep educating ourselves about the impacts of global warming and what we can do to help. No matter how small or big a change, or how young or old you are, you can still do something to help fight this and bring more attention to it. This is important, and I will never stop talking about it. A big thank you goes out to Greta for kickstarting this movement, and thank you to everyone who is trying their best. 


We'd love to hear your own experiences of the school strikes and if you've got any pictures you'd like to share, drop us a tweet @glasgowfilmedu!

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