Learning from home: Studying film trailers

Welcome to our weekly schools blog! Every week, we'll be bringing teachers and families new learning at home materials, all focused on film. This week, we're looking at Secondary school classes with activities for when you don't have time to watch a full film! These task centre around what we can learn from film trailers and the kinds of questions to ask when you're watching one with your class. We've got work from S1 right up to S6 so everyone's covered! All films include a link to their BBFC rating with guidance on their content.

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Tasks for S1-S3

In this workbook, we look at trailers and teaser trailers for Lilo and Stitch (BBFC rated U), The Personal History of David Copperfield (BBFC rated PG) and Avengers Assemble (BBFC rated12A).

This workbook allows teachers to watch short trailers (between 1 and 3 minutes) with their classes via links provided in the booklet. Each has a series of short questions for either full class discussion or independent work. Here pupils will consider why trailers are useful, what they can learn from a film from such a short clip and even the importance of where and when an audience sees the trailer.

If your class enjoys these tasks, we highly recommend a follow-up project where pupils pick their own trailer (perhaps of a film they have watched lately or one they really enjoy) and analyse it - considering what it reveals about the plot, how it uses sound and editing, and even who it stars. This can be presented back to the rest of the class, making for an interesting solo talk or even group presentation.


Tasks for S4-S6

In this workbook, we look at teasers and trailers for Bombshell (BBFC rated 15), Crimson Peak (BBFC rated 15) and Eighth Grade (BBFC rated 15). No prior knowledge of the films are required as all tasks are based on the trailer links included in the booklet.

This workbook allows classes to watch short trailers (all around 2-3 minutes) and complete questions on each. Questions would work perfectly well as either independent study or even a class discussion. Pupils will consider the effectiveness of trailers, genre features, festival success, and how key themes and issues are represented in the trailers.

As with the S1-3 tasks, we recommend following this workbook with an independent project where pupils perhaps pick a trailer for a film they know well and analyse its use of editing, music, cast, and themes. This would make an ideal group project or even an individual presentation back to the rest of the class.

Keep checking back for more resources coming soon and be sure to let us know what you've been watching with your class. Find us on Twitter @glasgowfilmedu and let us know how you got on with the tasks using the hashtag #AtHomeWithGFT.

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