GFF Christmas Watch Party: Make your own puppet

As much as we’d have loved a family-friendly puppet making workshop, lockdown restrictions aren’t putting a dampener on our watch party fun! Follow our Youth Board's simple step-by-step guide on making a sock puppet from things you’ve got lying around the house and join along with our Muppet Christmas Carol watch party on Instagram on Friday 18 December at 6pm.

Be sure to send us some pictures of your creations and we’ll share our favourites! 

STEP 1: Socks!


Grab an old pair of socks (make sure they’re clean!). We recommend trying to find thick boot socks or an old pair of cosy slipper socks. The thicker and fuzzier the better!

Take one sock and pull it over your hand, tucking the toe into your palm to create a mouth.


STEP 2: Bring it to life!


Give it eyes with either googly eyes or some old buttons. We’ve used just some googly eyes from the crafts aisle in the supermarket but buttons also look great. If you’re using googly eyes, you can glue these down but if you’re using buttons you will need to sew these on so be sure to get help from a responsible adult!

If you want to go the extra mile, you could add eyelids using some extra fabric from the spare sock (we’re not that fancy).

A stray button also makes for a great nose. Again, take care when sewing this on or ask an adult to help.


STEP 3: The finishing touches!


To give your puppet character, you can add any extra details you like. For ours, we added some ears from the extra material of the other sock and we used another old sock to create a cosy scarf.

You can add any extra details you like to make your puppet look more alive and more whimsical.


Our poor little puppet doesn’t have a name yet so we’d love to hear some suggestions on the GFT Education team’s Twitter @GlasgowFilmEdu. But more importantly, we want to see your creations! Send us pictures of your beautiful sock puppets joining in during the watch party and send them to the @GlasgowFilmFest on Instagram!!!


The GFT Youth Board (and their sock puppets) are hosting a Christmas watch party on Instagram stories on Friday 18 December at 6pm. Check out the watch guide and we hope that you’ll join us!

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