Film resources for S3-4 secondary schools by our work experience pupils

After a week long work experience with the GFT Education Team, pupils Betty and Sinead have each chosen, researched and created a brand new resource for films for S3-4 pupils. We are so happy to share these and can't wait to see what you think of them!

For the more creative tasks, we’d love to see what you come up with! Tweet us @glasgowfilmedu.


Enola Holmes (2020, 12A for violence)

An exciting mystery, starring Millie Bobby Brown, that follows Sherlock Holmes' younger sister, Enola, as she uses her sleuthing skills to try find her missing mother. Along the way she must avoid her interfering brothers and help a runaway lord. An all-star cast in an exciting Victorian adventure.

Our resource was created by Betty, 16, from Hillhead High and features tasks on watching the film, studying the costumes and use of colour, and a fun creative task about the film's recurring flower motif.

Ideal for S3 classes studying English or Media or those with an interest in film.

Enola Holmes is available on Netflix.


The Imitation Game (2014, 12A for moderate sex references)

A heroic war drama about Alan Turing, a British mathematician, who joins the cryptography team to decipher the German enigma, and in doing so builds a machine to crack the code while fighting an internal battle on keeping his sexuality a secret. Starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Keira Knightly, the film captures an important moment in Turing's life.

Our resource was created by Sinead, 16, from Holyrood Secondary. This includes questions on watching the film, director's use of tone and includes some creative writing and research tasks.

This worksheet is ideal for S4 classes studying WWII. Also perfect for anyone with an interest in history or famous LGBT stories.

The Imitation Game is available on Netflix.

A huge thank you to both of our work experience students who have selected excellent films for schools and produced fantastic resources. With support from Towards Better Futures, Hillhead High and Holyrood Secondary.

Keep checking back for more resources coming soon and be sure to let us know what you've been watching with your class. Find us on Twitter @glasgowfilmedu and let us know how you got on with the tasks using the hashtag #AtHomeWithGFT.

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