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Free Online Filmmaking Courses for Glasgow Teachers


Glasgow Film Education Alliance is proud to present its new set of free online training courses for Glasgow City Council Teachers, available on Connected Learning.

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These 6 courses, developed in collaboration with D Fie Foe, cover a range of filmmaking techniques to use in your classroom. Each course is free and you can complete it at your own pace. Each one also contains links to some fantastic Into Film resources so that you can take your learning even further.

Find out more about each course:

Filmmaking – Live Action Introduction

This course is the perfect place to start if you’re considering using filmmaking in your classroom but have never tried it before. This course includes reasons why film is useful for learners and some handy tips to get you started.

Filmmaking – Live Action Rhythmical Film

A rhythmical film is a very simple type of film which you can use with your class to convey an idea, a system or even instructions. For example, younger pupils could do the alphabet or older pupils could do something like the periodic table of elements. Each pupil would then be recorded saying one thing from the list or concept and these are edited together.

This course contains classroom activities and hints and tips for recording and editing your films.

Filmmaking – Pixillation Animation

Pixillation is an easy form of stop-motion animation where instead of using puppets or images, the pupils create the images themselves. These are fun, whole-class activities which look amazing once they’re finished. Learn how to use this with your class in this course.

Filmmaking – Cutout Animation

Cutout Animation is your next step in making more elaborate animations. Perfect for art classes and pupils who enjoy drawing or making puppets. This course contains the basics of creating animation and some links to upgrade your films with Into Film.

Filmmaking – Live Action Drama

Live Action Drama is best suited for classes who are ready to make a full short film. Ideal for teachers who have tried our previous courses and are ready for a challenge. This course contains more thorough lessons on camera shots and angles, as well as links to Into Film’s camera resources.

Once your class has completed their film, we’d recommend they submit it to Into Film’s Film of the Month competition!

Filmmaking – Live Action Documentary

Documentaries are a great way to reinforce learning as classes can use them to present a research topic or something they have covered in class. These can also be used with future classes, creating peer learning and giving your film a purpose beyond just the group you made it with. This course contains lessons on interview techniques and tips for creating images for your film.

If you enjoyed these courses, we’d love to hear your feedback. Drop us a tweet @glasgowfilmedu. We also offer CPD to complement these and you can register your interest by emailing

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